2018 Democratic Candidates

Politics in 2017 was all about the #Resistance.  This year, let’s focus on building an energized party that’s organized to fight the good fight!

If you're wondering what you can do to help elect Democrats in Ohio, start by signing up to support these 2018 Democratic candidates!

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Senator: Sherrod Brown
House District 10: Theresa Gasper

State of Ohio
Governor: Richard Cordray
Lt. Governor: Betty Sutton
Attorney General: Steve Dettelbach
Auditor: Zack Space
Secretary of State: Kathleen Clyde
Supreme Court: Michael Donnelly
Supreme Court: Melody Stewart
Treasurer: Rob Richardson
State School Board, District 3: Dawn Wojcik

State of Ohio - Senate
Senate District 5: Paul Bradley

State of Ohio - House of Representatives
House District 39: Fred Strahorn
House District 40: Ryan Taylor
House District 41: John McManus
House District 42: Zach Dickerson
House District 43: Dan Foley

Montgomery County
Auditor: Karl Keith
Clerk of Courts: Russ Joseph
Commissioner: Carolyn Rice
Recorder: Brandon McClain
Common Pleas Judge (Term 3 Jan 2019): Tim O'Connell
Common Pleas Judge (Term 5 Jan 2019): Michael Krumholz
Common Pleas Judge (Term 6 Jan 2019): Gerald Parker
Common Pleas Judge (Term 1 Jul 2019): Mary Montgomery
Common Pleas Juvenile Judge: Helen Wallace
Domestic Relations Judge (Term 4 Jan 2019): Tim Wood