Executive Committee Members

Montgomery County Democratic Party
Executive Committee Members

As of March 4, 2019

Elected on May 8, 2018 or subsequently appointed and serving through June 2022

These Executive Committee Members may be contacted through the:
Montgomery County Democratic Headquarters
313 S. Jefferson St., Suite 102
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 222-4007

Position Name
MCDP Officer - Secretary Beverly King
MCDP Officer - Treasurer Meghan Thomas
Ward Leader - Butler Township Debra Armanini
Ward Leader - Centerville David Allen Saphire
Ward Leader - Clayton 1 &
Elected - Montgomery County Prosecutor
Mathias Heck
Ward Leader - Dayton 4 Samuel Braun
Ward Leader - Dayton 5 Kwabena Wa-Tenza
Ward Leader - Dayton 7 Rhine McLin
Ward Leader - Dayton 8 &
Elected - Montgomery County Auditor
Karl Keith
Ward Leader - Dayton 9 Matthew Joseph
Ward Leader - Dayton 10 Mary Patterson
Ward Leader - Dayton 11 Valerie Duncan
Ward Leader - Dayton 12 Catherine Merkle
Ward Leader - Dayton 13 Jamie Rippey
Ward Leader - Dayton 17 Jan Underwood
Ward Leader - Dayton 18 Arlinda Vaughn
Ward Leader - Dayton 20 Thomas Ritchie
Ward Leader - Dayton 21 Marcia Knox
Ward Leader - Dayton 22 John Fletcher
Ward Leader - Dayton 23 Eugene (Troy) Singer
Ward Leader - Englewood Donna Moore
Ward Leader - Harrison Township Guy Elsmire Jones
Ward Leader - Huber Heights 1 Krista Fox
Ward Leader - Huber Heights 2 Grady Mullins
Ward Leader - Jackson Township Thomas Pedrotti
Ward Leader - Kettering 1 Ron Hall
Ward Leader - Kettering 3 David Dreety
Ward Leader - Kettering 4 John Murphy
Ward Leader - Miami Township Zebulon Music
Ward Leader - Miamisburg John Cummings
Ward Leader - Oakwood F. Rachel Magdalene
Ward Leader - Riverside David Owens
Ward Leader - Trotwood 1 Nancy Marino
Ward Leader - Trotwood 2 Martha Clark
Ward Leader - Trotwood 3 Bruce Kettelle
Ward Leader - Trotwood 4 Patrick Scott Thomasson
Ward Leader - Union Robin Davis
Ward Leader - Washington Township Helen Hronec
Ward Leader - West Carrollton Angela Leblanc
Elected - City of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley
Elected - Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice
Elected - Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman
Elected - Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge
Elected - Montgomery County Engineer Paul Gruner
Elected - Montgomery County Recorder Brandon McClain
Elected - Montgomery County Treasurer Russ Joseph
Elected - Ohio House of Representatives, 39th District Fred Strahorn
Elected - State Central Committee Nolan Thomas
Club President - Greater Dayton Young Democrats Michael Brill
Club President - Huber Heights Democratic Club Danna Plewe
Club President - Northwest Montgomery County Democratic Club Dawn Wojcik
Club President - South Dayton Democratic Club Alison Benford
Member At-Large David Fecke
Member At-Large Dennis Lieberman
Member At-Large Gregory Gust
Member At-Large Kurt Hatcher
Member At-Large Mike Gross
Member At-Large Richard Carne
Member At-Large Sarah Greathouse
Member At-Large Tim Benford