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Mike Turner Voted To Allow The Confederate Flag To Fly At The Citadel July 3, 2020 - “Time and time again, Mike Turner has had the opportunity to stand up to racism, and time and time again, he has voted the other way,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohioans should be proud of their heritage as a Union state with many soldiers who died fighting against slavery, so it begs the question why any Ohio representative would vote in favor of allowing the Confederate flag to fly at a military college that trains our next generation of leaders.”
When Congressman Mike Turner Had The Chance to Condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Tweets, He Voted No July 2, 2020 - When the time came for Congressman Mike Turner to stand up to Donald Trump and vote to condemn Trump's racist tweets attacking his fellow members of Congress, Turner voted no and stood with Trump.
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