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MCDP Files Complaint Against McManus

Former Democrat John McManus has unexplained donations from Montgomery County Republican Party

Today, the Montgomery County Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission against GOP Treasurer nominee and party-switcher John McManus.

Republican John McManus reports receiving a $20,000 contribution from the Montgomery County Republican Party, but that contribution does not appear on the MCRP finance report.

“At worst he’s incompetent, and at best he’s being paid to switch parties and run as a Republican. Either way voters deserve to know where the money came from,” said Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owens.

As recently as 2018, John McManus claimed to be a Democrat and even ran for election to the Ohio House of Representatives as a Democrat. Now, he has joined the party of Donald Trump and Larry Householder, the Republican Ohio House Speaker indicted for a $61 million bribery scandal.

After losing his race in 2018, McManus then tried to be appointed County Treasurer by the Democratic Party. When he failed to win the appointment, he switched parties and ran for this office instead. Clearly, he is an opportunist.
Voters deserve answers from McManus.

“John McManus is out for himself. He’s an opportunist who is only interested in serving himself,” said Owens. “He can’t be trusted to protect the public’s money when he can’t get his own campaign finances together.”