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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was presented to a person who embodied Democratic Ideals in Montgomery County politics, someone who made this party proud and worked to make a noticeable difference in their community throughout their time with our organization.

Award has not been presented since 2013.

2013Judge Barbara Gorman
2012Tony Hall
2011Joe Litvin
2010Judy King
James Brogan
2009Tom Roberts
2008Karl L. Keith
2007Dennis Lieberman
2006Brice Sims
2005Hugh Quill
2004Michele Roberts
2003Tom Stewart
2002Rhine McLin
2001Patrick Foley
2000George Gounaris
1999Johnnie Wilder, Sr.
1998Bobby Turner
1997Richard Clay Dixon
1996Lee Falke
1995Virgie Ryan
1994Edith Holsinger