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Young Democrat of the Year

Awarded to a member of the Greater Dayton Young Democrats, this award highlights a young Democrat who has embodied Democratic Ideals in Montgomery County politics over the previous year and worked to make a noticeable difference in their community.

2019Paul Bradley
2018Kyle Tromley
2017Bryan Stewart
2016Willis Blackshear, Jr.
2015Mohamed Al-Hamdani
2014Martin Gehres
2013John Jones
2012Megan Cole
2011Bobbi Dillon
2010Sam Braun
2009Nolan Thomas
2008Mark Cunningham
2007Scott Murphy
2006Sarah Abernathy
2005Tony Ballis
2004Russ Joseph
2003Nikima S. Barnhill
2002Kate Evans
Melissa Will
2001Matt Joseph
2000Christopher Holm
1999Nan Whaley
1998Troy Singer
1997Crystal King
1996Joseph Lacey
1995Charles Bowling
1994Graig Roberts
1988-1993Winners’ Names Missing
1987Jane Corcelli
1986Dan Gehres
1985Tom Studevant
1984Rick Krumholtz
1983C. J. Bartley